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Upcoming Sessions & Events

Connections and feeling part of something bigger or part of a community of like-minded people  is a great way to strengthen or reinforce your practice.

In many ways, it can feel like coming home again.

Feel like coming home again, or feel the need for greater connection?

Join us live for a practice or join an upcoming class, we'd love to see you!

Pink Lotus Flower

Mindful Meditation


December 15th 8:30am-9:00am ET

Join the community  for a live practice'


Winter MBSR 8 Week Session

Our Winter installment of the Virtual MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) program is coming beginning January 29th-March 18th.   Virtual retreat Day will be March 9th.  All via zoom.



Begin Again

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A new virtual session starting soon!

This is a six-week course that teaches two styles of evidence-based brain training: 

An effortless Vedic meditation technique to dissolve accumulated stress and fatigue

AND the fundamentals of mindfulness to restructure neural pathways to be in the present moment - where we can make choices that align with the life we want to live.

Hosted by Abigail Bruley

Intro-to-Mindfulness Sessions

Live via Zoom

In these relaxing 90-minute, FREE live sessions, you can learn all about mindfulness and how it works to recalibrate the body and mind away from reactivity and toward calm, discover the benefits and scientific research backing the practice, and experience a sampling of mindfulness practices first-hand!

Upcoming FREE Live Zoom Sessions
(all EDT)

  • Stay tuned!

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